»Hand On« 2001/2012
»Hand On« 2001/2012
»Hand On« 2001/2012
»Hand On« 2001/2012
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  • Exhibition »AmourAnarchie«

    06.09. – 21.10.2012

    AXENE07 | Ottawa | Canada



    Jean-Luc Verna | Mathieu Beauséjour | Manon De Boer | Diane Borsato | Nicolaj Dudek

    Renée Gagnon | Mark Clintberg | George Leroux | Xavier Brouillette


    Official Exhibition Text by curator Jonathan Demer:


    Is it aging, or is it today’s situation that infuriates me, I do not know, but as the years pass, and I radicalized. Finding these two words in Léo Ferré – AmourAnarchie – I had a lighter heart. I found a kind of core commitment of oneself to others: to a person through the figure of love, and to a group through the figure of anarchy. These are two positions that illuminate the relationship I have with life. To art, the same sincerity matters. The artists and the works that make up AmourAnarchie were chosen with this in mind.

  • The work “Hand On” consists of a complete official coin set of the Bundesrepubli Deutschland, which was honed sharp from both sides.

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